Prof Yvonne Daly (Dublin City University) outlines some of the empirical findings in relation to the right to silence in Ireland. For more detailed analysis see the Irish Report.

Dr Dorris de Vocht (Maastricht University) reflects on the obstacles towards better enforcement of the right to silence in the Netherlands and on what should be done to address these challenges.

Watch the video with Dutch or Italian subtitles.

Prof. Dr. Miet Vanderhallen presents the results of empirical research in Belgium (this video was also presented at the 2021 Virtual International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (iiIRG) conference):

Watch the video featuring the results of Belgian research with Dutch subtitles.

Watch the presentation of Dr. Anna Pivaty (with Dutch or Italian subtitles) of the results of the empirical research in the Netherlands.

Watch the knowledge clip describing the empirical findings of the Dutch research into the right to silence in criminal proceedings by Dr. Dorris de Vocht (with English or Italian subtitles).

Watch the presentation of comparative project findings (in English) by Diletta Marchesi on the right to silence and drawing adverse inferences at the Investigative stage of the criminal proceedings.