In the EmpRiSe project, we have developed training, in the train-the-trainer format, for criminal defence lawyers aiming at enabling them to effectively enforce and protect the right to silence at the investigative stage.

We have also developed training for judges and other judicial actors (e.g. prosecutors) aiming, firstly, to raise their awareness of the European legal provisions on the right to silence and the presumption of innocence, and secondly, to challenge some common assumptions concerning the use of the right to remain silent, and the conduct and ‘best practices’ of police interrogations.

Below is the e-learning module presented as preparation material for the face-to-face sessions of the EmpRiSe training for judges and other judicial actors (click on ‘launch’ to view the module).

Training – Ireland

EmpRiSe Training Materials

Read the materials that assist in the delivery of the EmpRiSe training in Ireland:


Listen to the podcast by Professor Yvonne Daly about the experiences of the ‘train the trainer’ session for criminal defence solicitors developed and delivered by the Irish EmpRiSe team.

Training – Belgium

EmpRiSe Training Materials

Watch the webinars recorded by EmpRiSe team Belgium as part of EmpRiSe e-learning package:

Webinar 1. The right to silence in the pre-trial process: a legal study (in Dutch)

Webinar 2. Right to silence in the pre-trial process: an empirical study (in Dutch)

Read the materials used to deliver the ‘train the trainer’ sessions in Belgium: